Vendexo Hosted Shopping Cart Software/Service

If you are looking to open your own online store but don't want the expense of paying someone to develop the e-commerce back-end for you, you should take a look at the hosted shopping cart solution. This easy-to-use software is hosted by Vendexo, and therefore requires no installation or maintenance by you. When you open an account as a merchant, you will have access to a management console via your web browser. This enables you to configure your shop, payment and delivery methods, specify your products (or import their details from a spreadsheet) all from your web browser. You can upload product photographs, and you can define product attributes (such as size and colour, which the shopper will have to choose when purchasing the product).

30 Day Free Trial

Try the shopping cart service free trial to satisfy yourself how easy it is to use, and how quickly you can get your own shop online. If after this period you don't wish to use the service, you can just walk away. On the other hand, if you like it, you can purchase a shop licence package and continue using it and developing your online sales presence.

Affordable & Inexpensive

The is priced to make it affordable for new merchants who don't have a large budget to spend on developing a customised e-commerce solution. The vendexo pricing page will give further information.

Personalising the Shop's Colour Theme

The vendexo system has many screen areas whose text colour, background colour and border colour can be individually specified. To simplify the styling of a shop, a colour theme wizard can automatically generate all of the required colours given just a principal and a secondary colour:
Screenshot of the shop colour theme creating wizard


Ideal for drumming up business at trade shows, or for inclusion with orders being dispatched to customers as a reward and incentive to buy again, discount coupons can be created to give either a percentage off, or be a fixed monetary amount off, or grant free delivery coupon. The merchant can place certain conditions on the use of the coupon, such as constraining its use to certain products, requiring a minimum basket value, and specifying the destination countries which qualify for free delivery.

Gift Vouchers

The merchant can sell online gift vouchers, like any other product, and these can be redeemed at a later time when purchasing other goods in the online shop. These are a perfect gift idea when your shoppers are buying birthday or Christmas presents for friends or family, but can't decide which specific product/size/colour to purchase.